Would you go to a female barber to get your hair cut?

Sure why not?

30.Jul.14 1 day ago
29.Jul.14 1 day ago
Hey man, did you make your sissy bar? If not.. Who did? Thanks!

Made by Haifley bros. it’s a prototype but if they don’t have them now. They should soon.

29.Jul.14 1 day ago
noticed your from long beach, im from HB. would love to meet up and ride sometime

Yea man I’m down. Shoot me a email. I’m putting together a moto camp trip in a month or so too! Kingston@kingstonphoto.net

29.Jul.14 1 day ago
29.Jul.14 1 day ago

Leave a ‘would you ever’ in my ask


Do it

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28.Jul.14 2 days ago